L’ASCARI Acai Berry Tea, a superfruit in a teacup! A tea with properties said to be similar to red wine.

One of nature’s finest berries- acai berries get their vibrant red colour from anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant also found in red wine. Anthocyanins may contain health benefits such as anti-aging properties and could help with enhancing memory function.


Our L’ASCARI Acai Berry Tea is perfect for drinking after a big night out (or in)!



acai berry tea blend

  • These herbs have traditionally been associated with:

    -Raspberry leaf - women’s health, PMS, fertility, and preparation of a pregnant mother for birth

    -Hibiscus flower – hair and skin health, metabolism, anxiety, hormone balance, mood swings.

    -Acai berry – energy-stimulating, healing, immune-boosting.

    -Hawthorn berry – tummy discomfort and cramps.

    -Goji berry- skin health, eye health.

    -Rosehip berry granules – rich in antioxidants, fight skin aging, healthy immune system.

    -Rose petals – skin purification.

    -Mandarin peel – (loaded with Vitamin C) hair and skin health, smells great.


    Directions- Drink 1 to 3 cups daily, as required.