L’ASCARI Fresh Face Complexion Tea because gorgeous starts from the inside. Your face will be feeling fresh, revived and loving you again in no time.

Infused from a range of herbs traditionally known for their medicinal benefits to your skin.



fresh face complexion tea blend

  • These herbs have traditionally been associated with:

    -Burdock root – blood purification, help with acne and eczema.

    -Lemon Myrtle – cleansing properties targeted at acne.

    -Alfalfa – detoxification of the urinary tract, liver and blood cleansing, digestion.

    -Peppermint – skin health.

    -Liquorice root – dandruff and unpleasant body odour.

    -Nettle leaf – skin health, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

    -Milk thistle – blood pressure and cholesterol.

    -Calendula petals – a natural antioxidant.

    -Orange peel – (loaded with Vitamin C) hair health and breath cleansing.


    Directions- Fresh Face Tea may be consumed internally, drink 2-3 cups each day, or used externally as a herbal steam once or twice weekly by adding one tablespoon of herbs to a bowl of steaming hot water.