It isn't enough anymore that it is a beautiful product. I want to know who made it and where it came from.


L’ASCARI is a celebration of design, of quality and of passion


           The Melbourne born boutique brand designs and creates exemplary

                                                                                    fragrance and well being products for all genders                                                               with symbolic aromas

                                                                                 of the highest character

                    and creative package design that separates it

                                                                                                              from the crowd


                         Taking inspiration from ancestral Italy the brand’s image has a distinct

                                                                     European flair whilst using ingredients sourced from Australia



              L'ASCARI products are made with an ethical and sustainable core at the forefront

     by using organic and plant derived

                                                            ingredients and eco friendly

                                                                                recyclable packaging

     L’ASCARI products contain

     No parabens

     No sodium laurel sulphates

     No alcohol

     No mineral oils and silicones

     No synthetic colourants

     No aluminium chlorates

     No testing on animals


             Designed and made in Australia


                                                                                                                             est. 2010







© 2018 L'ASCARI Collections

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