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In the breath of the wind, in the whispers of the sky, lies the essence of Air. The first inhalation bursts forth like the dawn breaking over the horizon, filling your senses with the promise of a new beginning. Fir needle and orange, crisp and invigorating, echoing the forest's quiet wisdom.


As you journey deeper into the ethereal realm of Air, the delicate petals of rose and hawthorn unfurl, carrying you on a breeze of fragrant nostalgia. Jasmine dances in the air, its floral symphony a melody of grace and elegance.


At twilight, Air reveals its hidden depths. Vanilla swirls like wisps of clouds, sweet and comforting, while musk whispers secrets of distant skies. Precious wood grounds the composition, a sturdy branch amidst the ever-shifting currents.


Air beckons you to embrace the freedom of flight, to soar among the clouds and dance with the stars. Let its beauty remind you of the boundless possibilities that lie on the horizon.

gold solid fragrance. air

  • notes: orange, fir needle, rose, hawthorn, jasmine, vanilla, musk, precious wood.

    Ingredients- jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, essential oils, fragrance.

    L’ASCARI is the leader in solid fragrances since 2010. Our unique formula of ingredients help nourish and moisturise your skin at the same time making you smell amazing.

    Rub your finger over the surface of the wax and apply on your skin. Apply as often as desired.

    Handmade in Australia in small batches.

    10g / .35oz

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