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Valued at $135

Gift kit consisting of-

1 exclusive L'ASCARI silk pocket square. Designed by L'ASCARI featuring the iconic Sun symbol and made in Italy from pure silk with hand rolled edges and valued at $50.   

Face and beard oil formulated to moisturise the entire face and skin under the beard.
No beard? No worries. Leaves the face feeling fresh and hydrated. Conditions & grooms the hair leaving a healthy, great looking beard.
Use: massage a few drops onto face or into beard and down to skin. For all skin types

Styles hair and helps nourish and moisturise the skin and beard.

Hair and beard wax. Made with organic ingredients and essential oils to offer extraordinary moistirizing properties that penetrate the hair shaftoffering increased hair strength, damage repair and promote hair growth.


1 waterproof bag perfect for cosmetics, toiletries, to take to the gym or yoga.

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