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micro Art Galleries

In 2010, designer and artist Luca Chiaravalle embarked on a creative journey by establishing L'ASCARI. The brand has gained recognition for its unique olfactory compositions and designs that captivate the senses and convey emotive narratives.

Ever exploring new mediums and artistic avenues, L’ASCARI has expanded to craft one-of-a-kind 'Micro Art Gallery' pieces. Series One galleries measured 100 mm cubed; each gallery combining innate artistic sensibilities with a meticulous attention to detail, Luca’s creations transport viewers into a world where imagination and intricacy intertwine.

Now, in Series Two each gallery measures 55 mm cubed, encapsulating a solitary figure immersed in the act of art appreciation. These minute spaces, each a world unto itself, represent the often overlooked inner realms of individual human beings - our thoughts, emotions, and the silent reveries that colour our perception of the world.


Inspired by the universal yet often unspoken feeling of invisibility that many of us endure, each gallery underscores the notion that every individual is a universe, rich with private contemplation and unshared experiences. Just as the tiny person in each gallery observes and reflects upon the art before them, so too are we, in our own lives, often quietly observing, forming thoughts and feelings that might never be acknowledged or seen by others.


The compact scale of each gallery invites you to lean in closer, to look more carefully, mirroring the need for us to engage more deeply with those around us. It is a call to recognize that within every person there is a depth and a narrative worth discovering and acknowledging. By presenting these tiny spectators, each absorbed in their interaction with art, the gallery invites you to contemplate how we see and are seen in our own expansive, intricate worlds.


Through 'Micro Art Galleries' I hope to encourage viewers to not only appreciate art but to also reflect on their interactions with others. It is a reminder that everyone, no matter how seemingly small or inconsequential, has a rich inner life and a story that deserves recognition and respect. This project is a celebration of our individuality and a call to action to genuinely see and engage with each other in our shared spaces.

Own your very own art gallery. Limited to 1 of 1. Signed and numbered.

New pieces continue to be created.

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