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L’ASCARI Blend 250 is a fragrance that embodies confidence, strength, and assurance. 


Blend 250 holds an adventurous quality that's both captivating and alluring. It's a fragrance that's at once powerful and refined, daring you to embrace your inner strength and live life on your own terms.


Every encounter is an opportunity to seize the moment and make your mark on the world. It's a fragrance that's both commanding and charismatic, inspiring you to embrace your unique style and exude confidence in every situation. Whether you're leading a team at work or enjoying a night out with friends, Blend 250 is the perfect fragrance to help you channel your inner strength and embrace your true potential.

body fragrance unisex. blend 250

  • Notes- oakwood, clove, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine.

    Ingredients- coconut oil, essential oils, fragrance.

    L’ASCARI is the leader in unisex roll on fragrances since 2010. Our unique formula of ingredients help nourish and moisturise your skin at the same time making you smell amazing.

    Rub roller ball on pulse points of the body. Apply as often as desired.

    Handmade in Australia in small batches.

    Stainless steel roller ball

    15ml / .5fl.oz

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