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Just wanted to let you know that my items arrived safely today. The cologne (Blend 158) I have had once before, bought it from a small shop in Melbourne's Block Arcade. My wife and I fell in love with the beautiful scent of it. So I looked you up online and saw you had Beard Balm too. I was a little excited, so I also bought that. No doubt I will continue to purchase from you because your products are outstanding quality and I feel great value for money. Oh, your service is also second to none. Thank you very much and I look forward to the next time I order your great products.





I adore the unique scents L'ASCARI produce. So earthy and real. I love the old oak tree and open field scent candles and diffusers. The neroli and bergamot hand wash has been added to the collection. Thank-you for your beautiful products. 


"I just wanted to say I LOVE your new lip balm. The amount of peppermint oil is perfect.

It's the best, thank you so much for making it!" :)


"Bought your roll on fragrance 500 today and love love it can't stop smelling it great thx. Amazing".


"A cool present. Just love the products I got the blend 70 solid cologne".


"I love this range and the man scents, i love treating my man to this range. I also love the room

sprays. Great it is natural and Australian. Great work".


"Tobacco Leaf and Vertiver is my fave".


"Hi! I bought a bottle of your Body Fragrance Blend 206 and I absolutely LOVE it and need some more. I can never find fragrances that I like until now. Thank you"!


"I bought your beautiful 206 fragrance with the sole intention of bringing it with me on my overseas trip. It is light, small, not to mention an utterly divine scent - the ideal travel fragrance".


"I purchased a tin of the Pioneer solid cologne. Love it".


"We have the 595 Blend Diffuser in our master bedroom and its amazing and I just love closing the door before coming to bed to smell the amazing blend, it's rich and sexy, which is cool thanks".


"Loving my roll on body fragrance in Blend 340. Love that it's made from coconut oil and essential oils

and that it lasts all day! And it's Australian made"!


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